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    There’s no hard and fast solution to “growing up,” there is one thing we can all do to make ourselves feel better: manage our money well.
  • Standard End-Of-Year Tips to Decrease 2011 Tax Bill HRBlock Talk
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    Make it your New Year's resolution to file your fastest tax return ever. Here's how to be the most prepared once e-file opens.
  • Are hazard insurance premiums deductible?
    You can’t deduct hazard insurance premiums for your main home. If it’s a rental property, the premiums are included on Schedule E.
  • If I rent residential property, will I receive a form stating the amount of ...
    No. You usually don't receive any tax form showing the amount of rent a tenant has paid you during the year. If you hire a real estate professional to manage the ...
  • I sold my main home at a loss. Do I report this on my return?
    You can't claim a loss on the sale of your main home unless you used it for business. You should only report the sale if you:Rented the home at some time in the ...
  • If my house is currently in foreclosure, how does that affect my return?
    If you're currently in possession of your home and the foreclosure isn't complete, you'll have no tax consequences for the year.
  • Watch Your Mailboxes: ‘Tis the Season Important Tax Documents Arrive ...
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    Deciding which tax form you need to file can be a little confusing. Here's how to sort through the three major options.
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