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Emerald Advance® Line of credit

Stay a step ahead of emergencies or unexpected expenses.

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  • Turn an IRS Notice into an Extra Tax Refund
    H&R Block Second Look ®can help you figure out if you are mission out on the advance premium tax credit, after getting notified by the IRS for your tax return.
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  • Last Chance Approaches to Claim Millions in Tax Refunds
    Be sure to hit the tax filing deadline before April 18 to ensure you won't lose potential refunds!
  • Repaying the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit
    Learn the tax implications of the first time home buyer tax credit and if you need to repay it from the tax experts from H&R Block.
  • Taxpayers Reap Benefits of Free Second Look
    With H&R Block's Second Look advantage, taxpayers can amend the past three years of returns and claim any additional refund due.
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