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  • Where Is My Refund? | H&R Block
    If you're asking, Where's my refund? we're here to help. Learn how to check your refund status from the tax experts at H&R Block.
  • Mind on My Money Campaign Helps Students Pay for College | H&R Block and H&R Block team up to reach out to millions of college students with free money management tips and resources.
  • Check My Tax Refund & E-file Status | H&R Block
    Check your IRS tax refund status and e-file status at H&R Block. Get peace of mind this tax season on your tax refund status with our trusted tools.
  • Where's My Refund? | H&R Block
    "Where's my refund?" Find out why you may have a missing or delayed refund with the tax professionals at H&R Block.
  • Can I Claim My Child as My Dependent? | H&R Block
    If someone claims me as their dependent, can I also claim my child as my dependent? Get tax answers from H&R Block.
  • What Does the IRS Do With My Tax Return? | H&R Block
    An IRS return can take awhile to get refunded back to you. Find out why with this is with insight from H&R Block.
  • Status Of My Federal Refund | H&R Block
    Learn how to find the status of your federal refund with help from the tax experts at H&R Block.
  • When Can I File My Taxes? | H&R Block
    When can you start e-filing your taxes? And when do you get your refund? Answer these questions with the tax experts at H&R Block.
  • Is My Pell Grant Taxable? | H&R Block
    Does a Pell grant count as taxable income? Learn more from the tax experts at H&R Block.
  • Why Were My Taxes Offset? | H&R Block
    Did you receive an offset notice? Learn how to find out why your taxes were offset from the tax experts at H&R Block.

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